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When we say we make “Award-Winning Sauces” we’re not exaggerating - and we don't just want you to take our word for it! In many competitions we have entered we have either won first place in our category, or we have received Final Honors. We are so thrilled to have received the following honors:

  • 1st place in the Tomato-Based Barbecue Sauce category at the 2008 America's Best Celebrity Food competition in California.
  • Final honors in the 2008 Gallo Family Gold Medal Awards in New York City.
  • Best label award in the 2007 Burger King Best-of-the-Best Barbecue Sauce Competition.
  • Final honors in the 2006 The Great American Barbecue competition in Kansas for our Mild Barbecue Sauce, Hot Barbecue Sauce and Packaging.
  • Numerous awards 1993 -1996 at the American Royal International Barbecue Sauce, for our Mild Barbecue Sauce, Hot Barbecue Sauce, Packaging and Top 20 Hot Tomato-Based Sauce.

Serve an award-winning sauce with your next recipe – Order here!

“We absolutely LOVE Richard's Sauces. We have used these sauces in professional cooking competitions 4 times . . . and won 4 times! Thank you for making such a superb product. I will also be mailing as Christmas gifts to friends and family outside of Vermont.”

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