Barbecuing Tips

Score edges of meat - steaks, chops, ham slices so that they won't curl when grilled

  • Trim outer edges of fat off to prevent fire flare ups
  • For ribs and cut-up chicken, place the bone side down to start with
  • Little bubbles on the surface of steaks and chops indicate that the meat is ready to be turned
  • For steaks, grill the second side a few minutes less than the first side
  • Turn steaks only once; for other meats(i.e. ribs and chicken) turn frequently
  • Use tongs for turning - forks pierce the meat and you lose precious juices
  • Wait until you turn meat before salting
  • Baste with Richard's Barbecue Sauce towards the latter part of the cooking process
  • When basting, turn frequently to prevent black or extreme scorching
  • Keep all utensils clean, especially food platters and cutting boards. Do not use them again if raw meat, chicken or ued utensils have been placed on them with without first washing(hot, soapy water) and rinsing thoroughly with clean water

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