Richard's Game Sauce Jerky

1 ½ lb Lean boneless meat (brisket or other choice of lean roast)
Freeze meat until firm but not hard; then cut into 3/16 to 1/8 inch thick slices. Meat must be sliced with the grain as thin as possible.

In a sealable gallon bag gently mix meat and 1/3 cup RICHARD'S GAME SAUCE, more sauce may be added if needed, until all surfaces are thoroughly coated. Seal bag tightly and refrigerate for at least 24 hours or more, mixing occasionally.

Drying the Jerky:
Depending upon the drying method you're using, evenly coat dehydrator racks or metal racks with cooking spray; if oven drying, place racks over rimmed cookie pan that has been lined with foil. Oven racks should be placed in the highest position and the second rack (next highest position) set oven at lowest temperature possible (160 - 180 degrees). When visible dripping has stopped, all meat has to be turned over because the top of the meat will be more moist than the bottom. The low heat is to dry the meat, not cook it. It should take approximately 4 ½ to 8 hours depending on the thickness of the meat. Approximately the last hour or longer, the oven door should be propped open with a fork or spoon to dissipate the heat and allow air flow.

Lift meat from bowl, shaking off any excess liquid. Arrange meat strips close together but not overlapping on racks.

Dehydrator drying: Arrange trays according to manufacturer's directions and dry at 140 degrees until a piece of jerky cracks, but does not break when bent, (8 to 10 hours, let jerky cook for 5 minutes before testing). Jerky should be more dry than under dried, to prevent mold.

Pat off any beads of oil from jerky. Let jerky cook completely on racks; remove from racks, place in a rigid freezer container, and freeze for 72 hours. Then store in airtight insect proof containers in a cool dry place, freeze or refrigerate. Makes about ¾ pound.

Storage time: Up to 4 months in refrigerator and 8 months in freezer.